Guide for Authors

Negareh Scholarly Quarterly Journal

Writing Style Guide and the Requirements for Submission of Papers

  1. A.    Generalities
    1. Negareh is a scholarly quarterly journal, which is published in the field of Islamic-Iranian arts with preference to visual arts.
    2. Using Negareh’s published papers is permitted, provided the source is mentioned.
    3. Authors are responsible for the content of their papers and it must be the result of their researches.
    4. If a paper has more than one author, the authors must introduce their representative as the corresponding author to the journal’s office in writing (fill in and submit form number 1).
    5. Papers extracted from theses or dissertations and research proposals must be submitted with the approval of the supervisor or research proposal conductor as the corresponding author (fill in and submit form number 2).
    6. Corresponding author must attest that the paper has not been previously published elsewhere and that it will not be submitted to other periodicals until the reviewing process is concluded.
    7. In case of authors’ disregard of the conditions of the style guide and etc, no other paper will be accepted from them.
    8. The journal has the right to accept, reject or edit the content of the papers and will not return the submitted papers.
    9. Questionnaire of paper’s comparison with the journal’s writing guide is available on the website for the author or corresponding author to compare submitted papers (except for the assessment of content) (fill in and submit form number 3).
    10. In case of acceptance of paper, the author is required to pay a publication fee of 2,500,000 IRR.
    11. Letter of acceptance of the paper will only be issued after the executive manager’s approval and the payment of the publication fee.
    12. The flowchart of papers’ assessment is available under the journal’s information section and the process of acceptance of papers.
    13. B.     The structure of scholarly papers submitted to Negareh Journal must be in accordance with the following conditions; otherwise they will not be reviewed.
      1. Authors’ complete information, naming the corresponding author on the first page sans page number. Other pages must be numbered sequentially.
      2. Papers must have been written in Farsi, compliant with the writing style and principles (passed by the Academy of Persian Language and Literature).
      3. Submitted paper must have the following sections: title, abstract and key words (Farsi and English separately), introduction, research method, literature review, research body (which includes discussion, analysis and findings), conclusion, endnotes, and references.
      4. Abstract must successively include statement of problem, research objectives and main questions, research method and data gathering method, analysis method, conclusion and key words (Max. 800 words). The English abstract and key words must not exceed 800 words (a more detailed explanation of the Farsi abstract).

        The authors must organize and submit the English abstract up to 800 words in order of content:

        1.Extended explanation of problem


        3.Questions (numbered)

        4.Explanation of research method, data collection method, statistical population, sample size and sampling method, method of conducting and analysis method

        5.Necessity and significance



        8.Name(s) of author(s), full details and email address

        9.In case the paper is extracted from a thesis/dissertation and/or a research proposal.

        Note: Titles, problem, objective(s), question(s), research method, necessity and significance of research and findings must be highlighted with a bold font in the English abstract.

      5. Introduction must successively include a detailed explanation of research problem, research objectives and research main questions.
      6. Research method after the introduction must successively include the research method, data gathering method, data gathering tools, statistical population, number of studied samples, sampling method, data analysis method (all the above mentioned information is required to be provided).
      7. Literature review is essential and required for all papers. Title of books, papers, theses, research proposals, publication dates and names of periodicals, supervisors of theses/ dissertations and the universities must also be named. This section must follow the research method.
      8. Conclusion must be logical, based on facts and clarifying of the discussion and findings. In particular, it must answer the main questions of the paper.
      9. All endnotes, English names and expressions, essential explanations (with references) must be numbered sequentially.
      10. All images must be submitted with a printable high quality 300 dpi resolution, numbered sequentially and with reference to the sources and explanations below the images. Image numbers must be included in the text. The acceptable file format is JPG.
      11. All tables and charts must be numbered sequentially, and arranged with their descriptions and references above them. Their numbers must be included in the text.
      12. All English (non-Farsi) words must be written in Farsi in the body of the paper and appear as footnotes if necessary.
      13. 13.  Citations and References to the (Farsi and English) Sources:

13-1. For in-text citation (author’s last name, publication year, page number).

13-2. References (must be provided alphabetically).

  1. For books: author’s last name, author’s first name, publication year, title of the book, translator’s or editor’s name, publication place, publisher.
  2. For papers: author’s last name, author’s first name, title of the paper, title of the periodical, periodical issue number, volume or year, page(s).
  3. Electronic sources: author’s last name, author’s first name, publication year, title of the article, title of electronic source or website, date of the last revision, URL or electronic address.
  4. All Farsi sources must be provided in English.
  5. C.    Conditions for Submission of Papers
    1. 1.      Papers must only be submitted to
    2. 2.      Authors must register their full information including their academic rank, institution or workplace or the university where they have enrolled, residential address and phone number (landline and cell phone) as well as email address.
    3. 3.      Paper must not exceed 15 one-sided pages (including all data, images, charts, tables and maps), 32 lines in each page in BNazanin font size 12. It must be submitted as Microsoft Word Document and PDF file.

 It is required to submit a similarity score of 20% and below by IranDoc (a plagiarism checker website offered by Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology at The similarity checker is used to prevent plagiarism. The responsibility of decision making and acceptance of papers as well as paper assignment to reviewers rests with the editor-in-chief.

Papers must only be submitted through website (

Please note that the publication's email address ( may be submitted to the IranDoc similarity checker instead of the editor-in-chief's email address.

Note: Please read the information provided under various sections of the website and make contact to the journal’s office only if the answer to your question has not been provided.

 Phone: 51215130

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