Aims and Scope

Aims and Prospects:

  • Achieving self-belief in the field of Islamic Iranian arts.
  • Critique of the researches of orientalists.
  • Identifying the rich capitals and legacies of the Islamic Iranian art and culture in the history of pre-Islamic Iran and specifically in the Islamic era, and introducing them to contemporary scholars.
  • Introducing the position and status of Iranian culture and art in the field of the visual arts.
  • Leading the specialized researches in the field of visual arts in Iran using academic and scientific methods.
  • Conveying Islamic Iranian thoughts and notions in art, developing and promoting them in the artistic, specifically academic society, and keeping the artistic works and thoughts from decay and obliteration, etc.
  • Declaring the influence of Islamic Iranian art and culture on other cultures and the arts of other nations.
  • Maintaining and promoting resistance and defending the thought and artistic works of Islamic Iranian arts in the contemporary world and opposing the promotion of global village.
  • Presenting scientific researches with regard to the fundamental understanding and the relation of Islamic and Iranian thought to the creation of artistic works.